• Patriks Zvaigzne
    Patriks Zvaigzne Creative Director

    Patriks leads the design team – encouraging imagination and bold ideas with precise and pragmatic executions.

  • Viktors Komarovs
    Viktors Komarovs Project Manager

    Our Project Manager Viktors is an expert problem solver. He contributes strategic thinking with great communication skills.

  • Amanda Kristlība
    Amanda Kristlība Project Manager

    Known for her pragmatic and down-to-earth approach, Amanda has build her skills over 10 years. Attention to detail is critical and she has it in spades.

  • Evija Skriba
    Evija Skriba Designer

    As passionate about great design as getting the job done. She has been working across both design and advertising disciplines. This has provided her with experience in the development of print, digital, brand identity.

  • Artūrs Veikins
    Artūrs Veikins Developer

    As a developers Arturs is crafting new worlds of our own imagination.


We are working in a global market.
The Make Me office is based in Riga, LATVIA.

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